Sunday, 7 August 2011

SICK Creative Keys timeline

OCT 2010 – Editor and long-time collaborator Chris Cull approaches writer/director Ryan M. Andrews with an idea for a 10-minute short. Andrews and Cull produce a beat-sheet and Andrews immediately writes the short script.

NOV 2010 – Andrews believes the script is too good to be a short and a new beat-sheet is produced to expand the short into a feature-length script. Co-writer Cull steps up to a producing role on SICK.

DEC 2010 - The first official draft of SICK is written and rewrites begin two weeks later. TASTY TRIVIA: Andrews always listens to music when he writes for motivation, mood and feel. For SICK, Andrews found inspiration in Rammstein, Five Finger Death Punch and Johnny Cash.

END OF DEC 2010 - Geoff Wertheim (SICK Production Designer) introduces Andrews to Cengiz H. Fehmi (SICK Executive Producer). Andrews pitches numerous projects to Fehmi, but SICK was the project they agreed to move forward with.

END OF DEC 2010 - Fehmi reaches out to world famous DJ NC17 (Peter Aldanmaz) to contribute original drum 'n' bass tracks to the SICK soundtrack. Aldanmaz agrees.

JAN 2011 - Having worked with actor Veronika London (Claudia) before, Andrews asks her personally to accept the role in SICK.

JAN - MAR 2011 - Fehmi researches the science behind SICK, speaking with a bio-chemist / pharmacologist, an immunologist, and reviewing several dozen medical journal articles. Fehmi submits research to Andrews at the end of March 2011 to incorporate into the SICK script. 

MAR 2011 – Preferring to work in the horror genre and watching Andrews’ career, Director of Photography Michael Jari Davidson reaches out to Andrews. The two meet to discuss projects in development and Andrews introduces Davidson to the SICK project.

APR-MAY 2011 – Casting period for SICK with casting director Jen Pogue. Andrews casts Robert Nolan (McKay), Richard Roy Sutton (Seph) and Christina Aceto (Leigh).

MAY 2011 – Davidson meets with Andrews and Fehmi. Valuing Davidson’s experience and resources, Andrews and Fehmi partner up with Davidson, not only to shoot SICK, but to produce the film with them as well.

MAY 2011 – Through Fehmi, Special Effects Makeup artist Melis Bayraktar is brought onto SICK.

JULY 2011 – Davidson invites Editor and collaborator Navin Ramaswaran to cut SICK. Ramaswaran agrees to cut the film.  

JULY 2011 – Davidson invites friend, collaborator, and editor-in-chief of Fangoria Magazine, Chris Alexander to score SICK. Alexander agrees to provide music for the film.

With creative keys locked for SICK in July 2011, preproduction for the feature film officially begins.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Welcome to the SICK feature film production blog!

Welcome to the SICK feature film production blog. Follow the filmmakers on their journey as they plan, prep, shoot and post the third feature film from writer / director Ryan M Andrews. We're glad you decided to come along for the ride. It's going to be a bloody good time!